Risk Compliance


Times of high volatility, such as what we are experiencing today, expose weaknesses in a financial institution’s control environment and frequently bring to light large losses and penalties due to enterprise risk issues. Ensuring companies have established their Risk Management capabilities helps management (i) achieve their performance and profitability targets, (ii) ensure effective compliance with laws and regulations, and (iii) assists with protecting an entity’s reputation.

The underlining premise of risk management is that every entity exists to provide value for its stakeholders including its shareholders, employees, clients, regulators, rating agencies, debtholders, and vendors. A fully implemented risk management process will allow informed risk taking which will assist in the optimization of business outcomes, including an assessment of the risks and rewards, and ensure that decisions are made within an approved set of risk limits and in compliance with all regulations.

Key challenges exist in determining the types of risk events which can lead to large exposures as measured in terms of the frequency and severity including risk issues which either exist in the current environment or have not yet been experienced.

The ARI Group through its compliance/risk practice have exceptional senior risk, finance, and audit professionals who have experience leading an organization in ensuring appropriate financial and internal controls are designed and operating effectively. The ARI executives have on average over 25 years of experience in risk, finance, and audit at large diverse financial services companies.

We are committed to providing the highest quality risk assessment, control analysis, and compliance management service to our clients in their marketplaces across the world, and wherever our clients need assistance. Our focus is on defining processes and advice to management and to build lean adaptive and ethical enterprises that properly manage risk resulting in sustained operation and superior competitive performance.

Representative Projects and Accomplishments
Large Global Insurance Company
Implementing the Risk Management framework

  • Developed and implemented an operational risk framework, strategy, and methodology including deployment of an integrated Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) platform to assess the company’s internal SOX, ORM, Technology, IT Security, Credit and Market Risk, and Compliance control environment.
  • Established an effective risk management governance process consisting of senior management team members.
  • Developed specific process, risk, and control templates for business units to evaluate the effectiveness of their control environment.

Remediating Regulatory, Accounting and Control Issues

  • Developed a Regulatory Remediation tracking, monitoring and Board level reporting process.
  • Created an Executive Management governance process for tracking Remediation progress against Key Milestones.
  • Documented and agreed on Remediation roles and responsibilities thereby ensuring appropriate accountabilities.

Large International Financial Services Company

  • Developed the Risk Management Strategic roadmap for transforming the risk & control processes and culture.
  • Created the implementation project plan including policies, organization and governance structures, communications, risk data and reporting.

Large Global Private Wealth Management Business

  • Re-engineered the global finance and risk functions thereby ensuring financial integrity, regulatory compliance, and an enhanced control environment supporting business strategies and facilitating more effective business decisions.