Temporary Data Entry/Receivables Analysis & Support

The Situation: The ARI Group committed to Dun & BradStreet, through a Professional Service Agreement, to provide specialized skills for due diligence analysis for recent acquisitions, staff supplementation and special credit collection projects.

Dun & BradStreet has built strong alliance relationships with world class CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence solution providers to deliver integrated data solutions for customers. Our candidate screening process was the critical component utilized to insure that the right skills with the highest level of commitment and focus were being sent forth with every candidate activated for the D&B contractual relationship.Two of D&B’s greatest concerns was the time and money spent on candidates who would not last their trial period. The ARI Group was quickly recognized after activating our first 11 project candidates, that we were bringing forth candidates with the right temperament, the right skills and the strongest commitment level. Dun & BradStreet began displacing other vendors who were not meeting their candidate “stay ratio” and asked the ARI Group to back fill those roles with candidates from our dynamic Skill Matrix.

The Solution: ARI built a dynamic Skill Matrix to include temporary personnel with accounts receivable, dispute resolution, data entry, and customer service and collection skills. Our objective was to provide Dun & BradStreet with individuals to fit their environment and match their skills requirements. ARI has responded to each request for service with the best skilled and most committed candidates within a twenty-four to forty-eight hour time frame.

Key Benefits of this Project: Dun & BradStreet generates weekly metrics reports on each candidate for analysis of their work function performance. Each candidate has met or exceeded D&B’s demands from their key indicator reports. Because of these results 2 of our candidates have been converted to full time positions within D&B and each of our other
temporary candidates are in consideration for potential conversion to full time roles within D&B.

The ARI Group continues to support and build on our existing relationship with Dun & BradStreet through continued flexibility, agility and an unmatched attention to details.